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If you’re dealing with birds in warehouses or other commercial facilities, keep reading.

What seemed like a great idea, offering free popcorn to customers, quickly turned into a long and costly battle to control pest birds for commercial property owner, Greg Tisdel.

The issue began when the store employees started to discard leftover popcorn outside their facility, ultimately attracting pigeons. It didn’t take long for pigeons to roost & nest near this constant food source. Quickly a little pigeon problem became a severe infestation issue.

BirdBuffer helps safely get rid of birds

A costly mess.

The birds caused over $20k in damage to stored finished goods at one tenant’s location. As the property owner, this became his pest bird problem. First, Tisdel contacted local exterminators and after 9 months of routine visits with six different exterminators, the pest bird problem still existed. Exterminators tried various solutions ranging from sound deterrent devices to spikes & netting exclusion tactics and still nothing worked! At this point, Tisdel had spent close to $9,000 and still had his bird problem.

One of his tenants spent $5,000 in tarps to cover their finished high-end cabinetry. Tisdel was at a loss for what to do next. He realized he needed to find an effective solution fast or risk losing long term tenants.

The pest bird problem had become so bad that Tisdel’s accountant created a specific line item in the books for ‘pigeons’ so that they could track the cost of his bird problem.

Lots of skepticism.

Tisdel learned of BirdBuffer through an article in his local newspaper. Admittedly, he was skeptical that a scent of grapes was going to be the solution to his pest bird problem. To the skeptics Tisdel says “I’d tell them to try it! They say it takes about 90 days for the birds to go away, but don’t get fixated on the 90 days. You don’t just turn on the machine and the birds miraculously fly away. My problem was solved in about 120 days.” Tisdel adds that another reason he chose BirdBuffer was because “It’s important too, that BirdBuffer stands by their product.”

Shortly after gaining control of the birds, his accountant contacted him to understand what had changed as the associated costs dramatically dropped off. His response: BirdBuffer! Greg Tisdel gained full control of his pest bird problem.

BirdBuffer is safe, humane, and effective.

BirdBuffer products will effectively and humanely keep birds away from critical areas within your operation. The MA Fluid product in our machines is made from food grade materials and the active ingredient (Methyl Anthranilate, found in Concord Grape skins) is FDA approved as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). This active ingredient is used in many food products consumed by humans including grape flavored candies and grape-flavored drinks.

BirdBuffer is the answer to birds in warehouses.

BirdBuffer is an extremely flexible solution, creating an invisible barrier or “bird-free zone” around the most critical areas in your facility. Whether birds are infesting a production area, a packaging line, a loading dock, or any type of commercial warehouse space, BirdBuffer is highly effective in gaining control of your facility. Beyond warehouses, BirdBuffer can help reduce birds in retail spaces, food courts, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and more.

BirdBuffer is focused on solving the public health, safety and damage to critical facilities, caused by unwanted birds. Without it, you’ll continue to face economic loss, serious health & safety risks, and facility damage. We help facility managers, health and safety professionals and maintenance teams, eliminate these issues. Our products are effective as a standalone solution, and can also integrate into other bird deterrent solutions you may already be using to help reduce and eliminate unwanted birds.

No birds in warehouse now

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