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Transit stations are a main hub for buses, commuters … and birds. They can build sheltered nests in the rafters, eat scraps that are easily available, and stay safe from predators intimidated by noise and traffic. For a bird, transit stations are practically a destination vacation.

It isn’t sustainable.

Thanks to the pollution caused by buses and trains, it’s unhealthy for birds nesting there. Additionally, transit stations are a dangerous, disruptive environment to raise nestlings. A steady diet of human food isn’t good for birds, either.

It’s bad for the city.

Passengers waiting to board the bus are constantly bothered by birds. Employees are saddled with an immense, hazardous workload when it comes to cleanup. The mess that birds leave behind is highly damaging to infrastructures, which costs the city more money.

Common solutions don’t work.

Common solutions to bird problems include netting, spikes, snakes, but they’ve all been tried before. Unfortunately, these solutions can be ineffective, intrusive, and expensive. Covering open areas, like the three acres worth of 4th Street Transit Station in Reno–is simply impractical. For instance, the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County incorporated bird control into its initial design plan for the 4th Street Transit Station in Reno. During drafting, they planned how they’d control their issues using BirdBuffer.

BirdBuffer is safe, humane, and effective.

BirdBuffer products will effectively and humanely keep birds away from critical areas within your operation. The MA Fluid product in our machines is made from food grade materials and the active ingredient (Methyl Anthranilate, found in Concord Grape skins) is FDA approved as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). This active ingredient is used in many food products consumed by humans including grape flavored candies and grape-flavored drinks, which makes it safe for use in public areas like transit stations.

BirdBuffer is flexible and affordable.

BirdBuffer is an extremely flexible solution, creating an invisible barrier or “bird-free zone” around the most critical areas in your facility. Whether birds are infesting a bus station, vehicle storage or maintenance area, a loading dock, or a transportation hub, BirdBuffer is highly effective in gaining control of your facility. BirdBuffer is focused on solving the public health, safety and damage to critical facilities, caused by unwanted birds. Without it, you’ll continue to face economic loss, serious health and safety risks, and facility damage. We help facility managers, health and safety professionals and maintenance teams, eliminate these issues. Our products are effective as a standalone solution, and can also integrate into other bird deterrent solutions you may already be using to help reduce and eliminate unwanted birds.

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