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Wildlife Considerations

Wildlife-Human Interactions

Everyone loves birds. From casual observers to birdwatchers, they’re universally appreciated as a beautiful part of nature. Americans are backing that up with their wallets, too. In a single year, Americans spent over 2.6 billion dollars on birdseed. That doesn’t count feeders, birdwatching equipment, or birdhouses.

At BirdBuffer, we love birds too! We just hate the mess they leave behind. As humans continue to expand and industrialize, they’re often taking over natural bird habitats. Bird nesting grounds are being replaced by airport hangars and shopping centers. This human-wildlife intersection is dangerous for birds. They could be poisoned, harmed, or trapped. As bird lovers, that’s not what we want to see! Redirecting birds to safer habitats helps them thrive, and prevents the cost and mess caused to humans.

Bird Control Considerations

Making sure birds aren’t harmed is number one on our priority list. Other bird control solutions can be impractical or harmful. From birds getting trapped in netting, poisoned, hurt on spikes, or given food that’s tainted with birth control, other solutions are cruel. That’s why it’s important to select a solution that’s effective, but gently relocates birds to a better habitat. Rather than hurting or killing them, birds should be able to move without being hurt. That’s why we’ve put the best scientific experts to work on implementing a solution that’s worked for decades.

Pest Bird Solutions

At BirdBuffer, we’re proud to offer a completely safe bird deterrent. Safe for both birds and humans, it’s a worry-free way of ensuring birds stay away from dangerous electrical equipment, warehouse facilities, airplanes, food processing buildings, and more. Our solution involves pumping a residue-free dry vapor through the air. This irritates birds’ trigeminal nerves and causes them to relocate. This vapor causes no lasting harm and is dispersed through machines that are positioned in active bird zones. The active ingredient in this vapor is methyl anthranilate, which is concentrated grape skin extract.

Whether you’re dealing with pigeons, crows, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, or any other type of flying bird, BirdBuffer can help.

Why Methyl Anthranilate is Completely Safe

Methyl anthranilate is a concentrated grape skin extract. That means it’s a natural food flavoring, which is used in bubblegum and candies. If you’ve ever had a grape candy or soda, then you’ve eaten methyl anthranilate! Because it’s safe for consumption, it’s been approved by the FDA, EPA, and USPA. It has no negative impact on the environment, on humans, or birds.

The USEPA has also determined that MA will have “no effect” on currently listed threatened or endangered animal or plant species, or any designated critical habitat. The irritating response produced in birds is temporary and goes away without doing any damage. By using a natural solution, it doesn’t impact the environment or other bird habitats that may be nearby.