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Finding birds in airplane hangars is one of the most common issues we hear about. Ever since hangars were invented, birds have loved hanging out in them.  Multiple issues stem from bird populations existing in these spaces, including financial, health, and morale concerns. These issues affect the day-to-day operations of aircraft storage and maintenance.

Birds in airplane hangars need repainting

It’s expensive.

Bird droppings are extremely acidic, so having birds in your airplane hangar means those droppings will penetrate through protective paint coatings and eat away at aircraft metal. A single F-15 fighter plane damaged by bird droppings requires 800 hours of repair before it can fly again. For larger planes, there’s an exponential increase in labor hours.

It’s unhealthy.

When people are routinely exposed to bird droppings, they’re constantly endangered by the 60+ diseases birds carry. The life-threatening nature of these illnesses is an extreme risk to your staff.

It hurts your reputation.

Employees subjected to birds in airplane hangars and the dropping-laden conditions they cause overwhelmingly state that a crucial change is needed in the workplace. They constantly reference “the birds in our hangar.” Your staff deserve a work environment that isn’t a constant source of risk and irritation. The lack of a solution for this issue spreads an untrue impression: that you don’t care enough to provide a professional, healthy work environment.

BirdBuffer is safe, humane, and effective.

BirdBuffer products effectively and humanely keep birds away from critical areas within your operation. Our vapor is made from food grade materials and the active ingredient (Methyl Anthranilate, found in Concord Grape skins) is FDA approved. This active ingredient is used in many food products consumed by humans including grape flavored candies and grape-flavored drinks, which makes it safe for use against birds in airplane hangars.

Put a stop to birds in airplane hangars.

BirdBuffer is an extremely flexible solution, creating an invisible barrier or “bird-free zone” around the most critical areas in your facility. Our system is highly effective in gaining control of birds in airplane hangars.

At BirdBuffer, we use a safe and effective vapor-based solution to keep birds away. We’ve worked with many public and private airplane hangars, as well as US Air Force bases to help them safely deter birds away from planes and people.

Birds in airplane hangars - no more birds

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