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United States Air Force Report

Bird Buffer LLC was able to help solve a long-standing bird problem on the U.S. Air Force base.

A USAF First Hand Report proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that netting is not the answer for bird control in hangars. BirdBuffer® utilizes a safe and proven eco-friendly, naturally occurring chemical from the skin of a grape (methyl anthranilate) to create a fog/haze that naturally repels birds. Netting only stops overhead activity and soon breaks down. The grape-scented vapor stops birds from wanting to be in the area at all. They find another location and leave.

This full report took some investigation and soon remedied an Air Force base problem that had been circumvented for years. Adjustable, friendly, easy to use, the BirdBuffer Q4 and TD enable easy applications that can be done by maintenance crews with few instructions and saves thousands of dollars over conventional netting, spiking, and trapping.

Read the first hand report here

"BirdBuffer® is safe for use in our hangars. It should be used extensively as the most viable solution to bird problems that have serious health implications. The cost of not dealing with this growing problem far outweighs the low cost and negligible risk involved."
U.S.A.F. Staff Sergeant
United States Air Force