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Bird Control Products

BirdBuffer offers the highest quality, safe, and effective bird control products available.

BirdBuffer systems work by emitting an invisible vapor of Methyl Anthranilate (MA). MA is derived from grape skins, and is the same food-grade ingredient used in bubble gum, candy, and perfumes.

FDA, USDA, and EPA approved, expert wildlife biologists consistently recommend MA for safe and effective bird control.

When strategically placed in areas of bird infestation, our machines create a protective “buffer”. People smell a pleasant fruity scent while the dry, residue free vapor temporarily irritates birds, causing them to relocate to a safer environment.

Our patented methyl anthranilate vapor machines cause a temporary respiratory effect on unwanted birds, safely redirecting them away from your facilities, equipment, staff, and customers.

Learn more and contact us for custom guidance and pricing to find the right bird control products for your unique situation.

BirdBuffer Machines, Pre-Treatment Options, and Accessories:

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