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BirdBuffer® TF11

TF11 is a lightweight thermal fogger that generates a large volume of fog for use indoors and outdoors.



The BirdBuffer TF11 Thermal Fogger is ideal for pest-bird control. The fogger converts Avian Control or Eco Bird into a fine particulate fog that covers a large open area with or without obstructions. It also can permeate those harder to reach nesting/roosting locations. The thermal fogger generates a hot exhaust from a TF11 engine that creates a large quantity of fog without burning off the active ingredient methyl anthranilate.

The TF11 Thermal Fogger is a good solution for a more accelerated effect but works best as a part of a more systematic solution when used in conjunction with BirdBuffer units for optimal avian control.

  • Lightweight only 17.5 lbs / 7.9kg empty and easily portable capable of applying 11 gallons (42 Liters) of solution per hour.
  • Stainless steel fuel tank and formulation tank.
  • Absolutely reliable ignition uses 4 “D” cell batteries.
  • Produces a smoky fog, with smaller particles than ULV sprayers, and longer spray distance.

BirdBuffer TF11

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