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Are birds in utility substations a problem? Birds cause up to 25% of power outages at utility substations, so it’s a very real problem.

From nesting to arc flashes, fire hazards, and frankly all the poop, bird problems keep cropping up for power companies.

Birds in utility substations

Can you get rid of birds in utility substations?

Power companies can’t drape entire substations in netting or cover them in spikes. That’s where BirdBuffer, a vapor-based solution that temporarily irritates birds and trains them to stay away, can help. 

In Philomath Oregon, pigeons were everywhere. Consumers Power, a co-op for utility line distribution, couldn’t keep them away from their substations. They’re not alone.

86% suffer from birds in utility substations. 

So many pigeons roosted and nested on the substation that it was impossible to keep up. Bird nests are a fire hazard, and fouling (poop) requires constant cleanup. Arc flashes also occurred perilously often. When bird wingtips touch power lines, it causes flashes that can result in equipment damage, worker injury, or even death. 

To solve this issue, Consumers Power consulted with BirdBuffer to place one of our patented machines onsite. Setting up the machine was easy–after it’s mounted in the right spot, Consumers Power used a normal 110-volt extension cord to plug it in and watch it work. The only maintenance involves adding a gallon of BirdBuffer fluid to their machine each month.

For Consumers Power, their initial investment paid off in no time.

BirdBuffer is safe, humane, and effective.

BirdBuffer products effectively and humanely discourage birds in utility substations within your operation. The MA Fluid product in our machines is made from food grade materials and the active ingredient (Methyl Anthranilate, found in Concord Grape skins) is FDA approved. It’s also an EPA registered bird deterrent. This active ingredient is used in many food products consumed by humans including grape flavored candies and grape-flavored drinks. 

BirdBuffer is best for removing birds in utility substations.

BirdBuffer is an extremely flexible solution, creating an invisible barrier or “bird-free zone” around the most critical areas in your substations. Whether birds are nesting in your equipment, leaving a mess, or putting your customers out of power , BirdBuffer is highly effective in gaining control of your substation.

BirdBuffer is focused on solving the public health, safety and damage to critical utility substations caused by unwanted birds. Without it, you’ll continue to face economic loss, serious health & safety risks, and facility damage. We help facility managers, health and safety professionals and maintenance teams eliminate these issues. Our products are effective as a standalone solution, and can also integrate into other bird deterrent solutions you may already be using to help reduce and eliminate unwanted birds.

Man observing no birds in utility substations

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