Pacific Gas & Electric – Bird Free Since 2013

PG&E of Oakland, CA solved their pigeon pest control issues by installing BirdBuffer® units to repel 55,000 starlings that were causing a great deal of mess with droppings. After 6 months of application, they reported, “there isn’t a bird within a mile from here. When birds nest, snakes climb to get the eggs. It causes a short of transformers.”

The vapor from a BirdBuffer gives a natural repelling affect that keeps birds away. The invisible grape vapor works during daylight hours and keeps the pesky birds from returning.

  • Placement of BirdBuffers at upper corner of 3 long capacitors –about 120’ x 300’
  • Flocks of 55,000 starlings would fly in and leave their mess, making cleaning necessary – not anymore.
  • Capacitors 30’ high with upwind. Wind going from NW to SE diagonally.
  • Units have been installed since early 2013 – “They’re working great. No birds within a mile of here.”
"Since installing BirdBuffer® units in our power plants, our labor and maintenance costs have reduced dramatically! Hardly any more pigeons or their droppings to deal with!"
Pacific Gas & Electric
Several California Locations