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King Aerospace Successful With Bird Control.

King Aerospace are leaders in specialized corporate aircraft services for both corporate & military aircraft. They have been in the industry since 1992, specializing in avionics, interior refurbishments, maintenance and paint for their client’s aircraft.

In their Ardmore, Oklahoma MRO facility, King Aerospace started experiencing a pest bird infestation. The bird problem created substantial work for the facilities team as they now had to manually clean the 52,000 square foot hangar floor daily. It took one employee an hour and half each day to get the hangar cleaned up, at an approximate cost of $7,200 annually. Additionally, it took five mechanics to drape corporate jets at the conclusion of each business day to protect them from overnight bird droppings and conversely remove the aircraft covers each morning so they could continue any remaining work required. Draping up to three aircraft each day took an additional 60-minutes. One solution King Aerospace tried was the use of an air cannon as a scare tactic. It created a large boom sound about once an hour to scare the birds away. It was ineffective and they received complaints from other businesses near their hangar ultimately not resolving their pest bird problems.

King Aerospace a 52,000 square foot aviation hangar is successfully controlling pest birds.

King Aerospace had enough with tolerating their pest problem and they installed two BirdBuffer Q4 machines to cover their 52,000 square foot hangar. Terry Langley, Facility Maintenance Manager at King Aerospace, worked with BirdBuffer’s Technical Sales Manager on the successful installation of their BirdBuffer units. Prior to installation, Terry had his facility team pressure wash the affected areas and clean up any nesting & roosting materials. According to Terry Langley, “within the month after install we had full bird control. When hangar doors were open the birds would fly in and then immediately leave once they got a whiff of the BirdBuffer machines.” King Aerospace continues to have success with their BirdBuffer machines, no longer spending hours cleaning up the caustic mess left behind by pest birds. BirdBuffer machines are fully automated, and only require King Aerospace staff about 15 minutes of monthly maintenance to refill fluids and swap out filters.

Terry is thrilled with their BirdBuffer and says “It works! Follow the installation process, install the units high in the hangar & close to the bird activity and it will work.”

For more information about how BirdBuffer can help your aircraft hangar achieve pest bird control, visit: https://info.birdbuffer.com/aviation-bird-problems

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