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Hotel Fights Swallows


When a major hotel chain had to deal with swallows to keep them off their building, they called BirdBuffer, LLC. Though a protected species, swallows can be destructive when building nests made of mud. No one was able to stop the mud nests from ruining their exterior walls.

Every year at the same time, swallows would swarm by the hundreds to occupy their area on the walls and have their young. Sounds harmless enough: however, what is unknown by most is saliva from birds used to put little bits of mud on the wall gets hard. It’s so hard you can’t get it off with a 2.5″ fire hose at full pressure or a wire brush. You have to re-plaster the hole and repaint. Swallow’s nest material is hard even when hitting it with a hammer, so removal of nests after birds have left each year is a chore that requires skill and time. Damage to buildings is expensive to repair.

After purchasing BirdBuffer in 2007 and using it each year when swallows return, they made progress against the birds’ return. Operating BirdBuffer with safe grape-scented vapor from morning till dusk, discouraged their return. It worked. Each year they made more and more progress using BirdBuffer, ultimately reducing the number of birds and mess by 50% each year. After 3 years, the hotel reported a huge reduction of activity that was very manageable.

Dealing with swallows needs a dedicated approach to gain bird control. But you must be patient…it takes time. For swallows and starlings, plan on a three year approach and stick with it every day during the nesting/flying period. BirdBuffer® will discourage birds from starting a nest, but won’t stop them once they’ve started nesting. Don’t give up. You can protect your property if you do it carefully and strategically. Operating BirdBuffer® as soon as the first sign of activity is important to gain control. Don’t wait until they are well established, because it’s three times harder.

No bird is harmed when using BirdBuffer. You can get control of birds – even in the toughest environments with an eco-friendly BirdBuffer system that is safe, cost-effective, proven to work where others fail, OSHA friendly, and humane! Contact us today for your free evaluation!