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Bird Control Success Since 2006

By T.H. ~ Property Manager

“Our bird problems would just not go away. We had tried everything and were unable to cure the problem. (Note the mess on the glass above our front door prior to BirdBuffer®.) After installing BirdBuffer on the roof, a pleasant grape fragrance occasionally floated through the air and birds left the immediate area. We were amazed to observe birds in other areas looking at our store, yet staying away. Birds did not return to the Barnes & Noble facility and have been educated to stay away. In just one month, BirdBuffer completely changed the disastrous nightmare to a beautiful location to shop. This has been the nicest method of handling our bird control problems. There are no more birds. We are so grateful for this humane method of handling bird control.

In addition, Bird Buffer staff spent time with us to ensure that we were comfortable with their work and BirdBuffer.”

Installed many years ago – in 2006, BirdBuffer continues to release small amounts of vapor into the air in timed intervals that stimulates birds to leave the area and stay away. The vapor creates an invisible “buffer zone” that keeps birds completely out of the protected area. Birds can’t see it when it comes on or goes off, so they avoid the area altogether. They learned to associate their discomfort with this store and stay away. This learning process can take up to 90 days depending on a number of variables. Because birds continue to test for desirable locations, BirdBuffer® remains in operation continuously to prevent their return.

This particular store contracts with Critter Control for all of their pest control needs and utilizes them to maintain their BirdBuffer fluid and filter replacements monthly.

Gone are the days of nauseating costly clean-up. The storefront remains clean from birds and their droppings. Proven, cost-effective, and safe for birds and people, BirdBuffer is the bird control solution that continues to work year after year when all the other methods failed!

"Our bird problems would just not go away. We had tried everything. In just one month, BirdBuffer® has completely changed the disastrous nightmare to a beautiful location to shop."
T.H. — Manager
W. Seattle – Property Management Group