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Costco Finds Bird Solution With BirdBuffer®

Lunch Areas

Lunch areas provide a great way to keep customers at the store, and of course, birds love them too. However, when the birds become pests, taking food and leaving droppings, it becomes an unpleasant event. Costco stores have tried to gain bird control with costly netting, which in many cases, resulted in the birds flying in lower to the tables where the food & clients were trying to eat.

Happy Costco Customers

Now that BirdBuffers® have been installed in many of the Costco stores, the birds stay outside of the lunch areas for the most part, and the customers are no longer bothered. Eventually, they go away and find other areas to hang out. Customers have commented to Costco managers of how happy they are that the eating areas are free of birds.

One of the great benefits about the BirdBuffer is that it can be hidden from sight when installed. The unit can be mounted high and face out toward the area where the birds fly in. The air coming from behind or from the side, will push the light grape vapor across the front of the entrance, resulting in the birds avoiding the eating area. The vapor spreads out so thin, you can’t see it, and the light pleasant grape scent will not harm the birds; it just makes them go away.