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Warehouse Struggles For Bird Control

Commercial property owner solves pigeon infestation using birdBuffer after several other solutions failed.

How BirdBuffer Solved A Costly Pest Bird Infestation When All Else Failed

At first, it seemed like a great idea. But offering free popcorn to customers quickly turned into a battle. Greg Tisdel, a commercial property owner, was soon locked in a long and costly war with pest birds. Initially, it all started when store employees discarded leftover popcorn outside the facility. And this ultimately attracted pigeons. Of course, it didn’t take long for pigeons to roost near this reliable food source. But a small pigeon problem became a severe infestation issue.

Birds in warehouses are a huge problem, which soon became the case for Tisdel.

A costly mess.

At one tenant’s location, birds caused over $20,000 in damage. They damaged stored items at one tenant’s location. Because Tisdel owned the property, it quickly became his problem. So Tisdel contacted local exterminators. After nine months of routine visits with six different exterminators, the problem persisted.

Exterminators tried everything. From sound deterrents to spikes and netting, nothing worked. Eventually, Tisdel spent $9,000, but the birds persisted. For instance, one tenant spent $5,000 on tarps to protect their high-end cabinetry.

Tisdel was at a loss for what to do next. He risked losing long-term tenants who were tired of the pest bird issue. But the problem escalated until Tisdel’s accountant created a specific line item for ‘pigeons.’ In this way, they could track the cost of his bird problem.

Lots of skepticism.

Tisdel learned about. BirdBuffer through an article in his local newspaper. Admittedly, he felt skeptical that a grape scent would solve his pest bird problem. To the skeptics, Tisdel says: “Try it! They say it takes about 90 days for the birds to go away, but don’t get fixated on 90 days. You don’t just turn on the machine and the birds miraculously fly away. My problem was solved in about 120 days.” Additionally, Tisdel mentioned there was another reason he chose BirdBuffer. “It’s important too, that BirdBuffer stands by their product.”

Shortly afterward, Tisdel’s assistant contacted him. They wanted to know what changed since associated pigeon costs dropped drastically. His response? BirdBuffer! Greg Tisdel gained full control of his pest bird problem.

BirdBuffer is safe, humane, and effective for birds in warehouses.

With a humane, effective approach, BirdBuffer keeps birds away from critical operational areas. The methyl anthranilate product in our machines is made from food-grade materials. It’s approved by the FDA, too. This active ingredient is used in many food products consumed by humans. It includes grape-flavored drinks and candies, like Tootsie Rolls!

A flexible, affordable solution to birds in warehouses.

BirdBuffer is an extremely flexible solution. This is because it helps create an invisible barrier. That equals a ‘bird-free zone’ around the most critical areas in your facility! Birds often infest production areas, packaging lines, loading docks, and other commercial warehouse spaces. No matter what you’re dealing with, BirdBuffer helps gain control of your facility.

BirdBuffer focuses on solving public health, safety, and damage to critical facilities. With birds in warehouses, you face economic loss, serious health and safety risks, and facility damage. We help facility managers, health and safety professionals, and maintenance teams eliminate these issues. Our products serve as an effective stand-alone solution. They also integrate into other bird deterrent solutions you’re using to reduce and eliminate unwanted birds.