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Restaurants with Pesky Bird Problems Find a Remedy

The above photo now shows pretty colors where birds were creating a health hazard and white disease infested mess with their bird droppings. After 1-3 months into the program, the active birds left the area (and took their mess with them). Some birds can withstand discomfort on a temporary basis but as vapor-time goes on, they start leaving the area. (Bird droppings are not only a white stinky mess but they can carry over 42 diseases [or bugs] which is a health hazard.)

Some restaurants with outdoor seating have hundreds of pigeons, crows, blackbirds, starlings, and other birds which infest the roof tops, grounds, and railings where food is prepared and served. Because of the sheer size of each of these areas, this is a major challenge, especially outdoors.

Placement of a BirdBuffer® at the upwind side of the roof top (or under eves) repels birds with a grape-scented vapor over the top of the area where birds fly, causing them to leave the area.

Repel birds with an automated BirdBuffer®. The BirdBuffer® machines produce a constant, virtually invisible, dry-vapor with Avian Control or EcoBird 4.0 fluid. Effective with pigeons, crows, blackbirds, starlings, seagulls and more – it does not harm them, just keeps them away.