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Anti-Bird Spikes Aren’t Working… But This Does.

Anti Bird Spikes

Pest birds can be a major nuisance, causing damage to buildings, vehicles, crops – the list goes on. Finding an effective and humane solution to deter them is crucial, but not all methods are created equal. While anti-bird spikes have been a popular choice for many, research has shed light on the unintended consequences of […]

BirdBuffer Case Study: Dole Fresh Vegetables

Birds in Salad

Birds shouldn’t be in our produce Dole Fresh Vegetables is located in America’s salad bowl–Monterrey, California. The weather and location make it an ideal place to supply the world with delicious salad staples. There’s a problem, though. Where plants flourish, so do birds. For Dole Fresh, birds were wreaking havoc.  Birds love treating harvests like […]

Why do companies choose BirdBuffer?

Costco chooses BirdBuffer

There’s a reason why BirdBuffer is the leading choice among utilities, food processing, transportation, and warehouse facilities when it comes to invisible vapor-based bird control.

Make BirdBuffer® an Essential Part of Your Bird Deterrent Strategy

Are you looking to dramatically lower the number of pest birds in your workplace? For 15 years BirdBuffer has been used by 1,000s of businesses to mitigate the negative effects of pest birds. Without it, our customers faced significant economic loss, serious health & safety risks and facility damage. From Utility, Energy Infrastructure and Food […]

Warehouse Struggles For Bird Control

How BirdBuffer Solved A Costly Pest Bird Infestation When All Else Failed At first, it seemed like a great idea. But offering free popcorn to customers quickly turned into a battle. Greg Tisdel, a commercial property owner, was soon locked in a long and costly war with pest birds. Initially, it all started when store […]

Methyl Anthranilate (MA) is an Effective Avian Control Solution

Quick Resources   Download Whitepaper     Health Assessment     EPA Study Overview     EPA Study Detailed     Avian Control SDS   Businesses in an array of industries need an affordable in-flight bird repellent that doesn’t require ingestion, is resistant to habituation, and removes the incentive for birds to visit areas of […]

King Aerospace Successful With Bird Control.

King Aerospace are leaders in specialized corporate aircraft services for both corporate & military aircraft. They have been in the industry since 1992, specializing in avionics, interior refurbishments, maintenance and paint for their client’s aircraft. In their Ardmore, Oklahoma MRO facility, King Aerospace started experiencing a pest bird infestation. The bird problem created substantial work […]

Food Safety Modernization Act and Pest Birds

Most humans appreciate the beauty and elegance that birds represent in the natural world, but they can become a hazard to humans when they endanger or contaminate our food supply. In these circumstances, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have rightfully moved to protect human health and safety. In 2011, President Obama signed into law […]

Dead Crows Falling From The Sky

On March 7th, a Portland Oregonian/ Associated Press article (see link below) outlined the use of a product called Avitrol, as the cause of “dead crows falling from the sky and suffering seizures on the ground”,  in the Portland, Oregon area.  This should not and does not have to happen. BirdBuffer LLC of Everett, WA, […]