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Repelling geese or herding cats – which is easier?

Canadian Geese need goose repellent solutions

If you’re struggling to find a goose repellent solution that works to keep geese away from your business, it’s hard to decide. 

Geese negatively affect your business.

  • Walkways covered in goose droppings can disgust potential customers and drive them away.
  • Goose droppings pose a slipping hazard. Customers might even present you with a lawsuit if they fall and get hurt!
  • Geese can ruin your landscaping with huge droppings everywhere and trampled grass.
  • Geese invade parking lots too. They harass customers and employees, and leave their vehicles covered in droppings.

Geese can pose public health risks, too. While geese in a pond may be pretty, they also contribute to e. Coli in swimming pools and water reservoirs. 

Geese are also kind of cool and kids love them.

  • They’re an important part of our ecosystems, fertilizing soil, spreading seeds, and maintaining environmental diversity.
  • As part of the food chain, geese—goslings, eggs, and adult geese—serve as an important part of the diet for foxes, snakes, raccoons, and turtles.

That doesn’t mean you want angry geese crowding your building entrance and walkways.  

It’s easier to appreciate geese when they’re not negatively impacting your business. Repelling geese has probably already cost you money. Paying people to clean up goose poop and fix landscaping issues can be very costly, which is why geese repellent solutions are so important.

Goose repellent solutions need to be practical to implement AND effective.

Our Avian Migrate goose repellent is exactly what it sounds like – it repels geese. It’s the number one non-toxic goose repellent available because it’s easy to use, and completely safe for humans and geese.

The active ingredient in Avian Migrate is methyl anthranilate (MA). MA is made from concord grape skins and is the very same ingredient used to flavor grape candies and drinks that your kids love. Having been safely used in food for over 50 years, the FDA, EPA, and USDA have all approved use of MA in our food supply, agricultural crops, and yes, bird control.  

Methyl Anthranilate works to deter birds.

MA works by temporarily irritating their respiratory system, causing them to relocate somewhere else. Avian Migrate fluid contains MA, as well as a unique colorant that is only visible to birds. You simply spray it on your grass; humans can’t see it, but birds can and will soon learn that treated areas are no place they want to hang out.

This fluid isn’t easily washed away by rain, either. Once applied, it sticks around. One gallon can treat approximately 16,000 square feet of lawn. It doesn’t harm vegetation and will help with repelling geese.  

Ready to tell your geese to move on?

Our team of experts will create custom site guidance for your facility, showing you exactly what you need and how to use our system. We’ll show you how to prepare the treatment area by cleaning bird droppings and debris and using Avian Migrate. Quickly, you will see a dramatic reduction in geese and their droppings.  


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