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Make BirdBuffer® an Essential Part of Your Bird Deterrent Strategy

Are you looking to dramatically lower the number of pest birds in your workplace?

For 15 years BirdBuffer has been used by 1,000s of businesses to mitigate the negative effects of pest birds. Without it, our customers faced significant economic loss, serious health & safety risks and facility damage. From Utility, Energy Infrastructure and Food Production / Distribution Facilities to Industrial and Commercial Buildings, Aviation Facilities and Outdoor Public Spaces – we help facility managers, health and safety professionals, maintenance teams and operators, eliminate these issues.

Our patented systems provide the most successful and humane options for eliminating bird problems, especially when used in conjunction with many of the tools you already use.

Rather than have our technical experts or even noted a Wildlife Biologist write in-depth about vaporizing Methyl Anthranilate, we thought a short video would more succinctly tell our story.

Enjoy our video and call us to find out more!