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Anti-Bird Spikes Aren’t Working… But This Does.

Anti Bird Spikes

Pest birds can be a major nuisance, causing damage to buildings, vehicles, crops – the list goes on. Finding an effective and humane solution to deter them is crucial, but not all methods are created equal. While anti-bird spikes have been a popular choice for many, research has shed light on the unintended consequences of […]

Why do companies choose BirdBuffer?

Costco chooses BirdBuffer

There’s a reason why BirdBuffer is the leading choice among utilities, food processing, transportation, and warehouse facilities when it comes to invisible vapor-based bird control.

King Aerospace Successful With Bird Control.

King Aerospace are leaders in specialized corporate aircraft services for both corporate & military aircraft. They have been in the industry since 1992, specializing in avionics, interior refurbishments, maintenance and paint for their client’s aircraft. In their Ardmore, Oklahoma MRO facility, King Aerospace started experiencing a pest bird infestation. The bird problem created substantial work […]

United States Air Force Report

Bird Buffer LLC was able to help solve a long-standing bird problem on the U.S. Air Force base. A USAF First Hand Report proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that netting is not the answer for bird control in hangars. BirdBuffer® utilizes a safe and proven eco-friendly, naturally occurring chemical from the skin of […]

Airplane Hangars Get Bird Control

Updated 04/12/2021 Bird control was needed to stop pigeon droppings on all of the planes, equipment and tools inside the hangar. When birds stayed overnight, it was a mess the next morning. (Bird Fact: On average, a well-fed pigeon deposits 25 pounds of droppings a year.)   Strategic placement of a BirdBuffer with a 1 hp […]

BirdBuffer® Keeps Lear Jets Clean

Cleaning Lear Jets from bird droppings and keeping them clean was a challenge for ALOFT AeroArchitects, formerly PATS Aircraft Systems, in Delaware. The birds basically made the hangar their home. After trying several remedies, they found the BirdBuffer. With one Bird Buffer, ALOFT AeroArchitect’s was able to obtain the perfect solution for their problem.“We would […]