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Anti-Bird Spikes Aren’t Working… But This Does.

Anti Bird Spikes

Pest birds can be a major nuisance, causing damage to buildings, vehicles, crops – the list goes on. Finding an effective and humane solution to deter them is crucial, but not all methods are created equal. While anti-bird spikes have been a popular choice for many, research has shed light on the unintended consequences of […]

BirdBuffer Case Study: Dole Fresh Vegetables

Birds in Salad

Birds shouldn’t be in our produce Dole Fresh Vegetables is located in America’s salad bowl–Monterrey, California. The weather and location make it an ideal place to supply the world with delicious salad staples. There’s a problem, though. Where plants flourish, so do birds. For Dole Fresh, birds were wreaking havoc.  Birds love treating harvests like […]

Why do companies choose BirdBuffer?

Costco chooses BirdBuffer

There’s a reason why BirdBuffer is the leading choice among utilities, food processing, transportation, and warehouse facilities when it comes to invisible vapor-based bird control.