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The Silent Threat:
Guarding Utility Infrastructure from Avian Intrusion
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Birds love substations – and it’s easy to see why.

They make great nesting sites, provide heat and shelter, perching spots, food sources, and some birds are attracted to humming sounds produced by electrical equipment, or the electrical fields themselves.

Are your substations protected?

The High Cost of Neglect: Protect Your Substations Now
The consequences of overlooking bird protection are hefty. Join us on April 9th at 11 am pacific for a crucial discussion on safeguarding your substations, employees, and customers from the repercussions, costs, and inconveniences of bird-related incidents.
What to Expect: Your Substation Defense Blueprint 
Identify what truly works and what falls short in the battle against bird activity. Gain insights into the strategies employed by industry leaders like PG&E, backed by tangible results and measurable ROI.

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April 9 | 11am Pacific

Some staggering facts:



Of the tens of thousands of wildlife-caused power outages every year, 50% are attributed to birds.



Between power outages and substation equipment failure pesky birds cost utility companies anywhere between $10k and $1M on average.



The global cost of bird intrusions exceeds $10 billion each year!