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Bartle Hall Bird Management

Only two BirdBuffers have been protecting this roof since 2008 saving tens of thousands of dollars!

Try gaining bird control on this size of building with anything else but BirdBuffers®?! Only BirdBuffer can “keep the birds away” safely over large areas like this. And with only two machines, BirdBuffer has been keeping birds away since 2008!  Bartle Hall has saved thousands of dollars without traps, netting, or spikes to manage the birds and keep them away.

No more bird droppings to deal with, the maintenance crew at the Kansas City Convention Center (Bartle Hall) is keeping their roof and air conditioning systems clean without bird droppings doing tremendous damage. This cleaner environment makes regular maintenance normal without the mess and keeps away emergency cleanup after bird droppings.

Let us give you a FREE EVALUATION now! Call 1-425-697-4274 to see if one or two machines can remedy your bird problems by just keeping them away…automatically!

"Only 2 BirdBuffer® units have protected the massive roof of the KC Convention Center since 2008 saving tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs."
Maintenance Crew
Kansas City Convention Center