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Independent Lab Certifies Food Safety With BirdBuffer®

We are happy to report that after having the BirdBuffer® System operational for several months, we have eliminated the roosting 100% and have gotten rid of the last 10% of birds. We passed our Food Safety Inspection. The Primus Lab inspector reported, “All areas of the facility are protected from the presence of birds with a very effective system that repels them.” (February 28, 2006)

A copy of our certification is below.

Now after several months of using this system, we are able to turn down the output (lower consumption of fluid) to maintain enough haze to warn new birds that might “test” the food plant, that there is no “free lunch here.” Mr. Crawford of BirdBuffer, LLC has been in touch with us and kept us informed of any new settings that we should adjust on the equipment. Their support has been consistent with the quality of their product.

This system is operational during work hours with over 450 employees, successfully. The birds have not habituated to this system either. The bird population stays away by the hundreds. This included blackbirds, pigeons, doves, and other local birds that were previous pests in our food packing plant. A side benefit is the packing area has a pleasant grape odor throughout the complex.

Thank you for your system and support. This system works.

~ Joe Glavach, Manager of Purchasing and Food Safety (Excerpts from letter received March 2006)