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Ever since airplane hangars were invented, pest birds have called them home. These issues affect the day-to-day operations of aircraft storage and maintenance, causing expensive to repair damage. 

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When you’re providing food to customers, reputation is everything. Pest birds carry over 50 diseases like Listeria, e. Coli, and Salmonella that can hurt your customers and your business. 

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Birds are the top culprit of power outages due to wingtip contact, nesting activities, and fouling. To maintain smooth utility services and unharmed structures, keeping pest birds away is crucial. 

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Running business operations smoothly is impossible if customers and staff are worried about being bothered by unwanted birds. We help all sorts of commercial warehouse and retail facilities gain control of birds.

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Commercial Pest Bird Control That Works

BirdBuffer commercial pest bird control system diverts birds in open spaces by automatically emitting an  invisible vapor. Our vapor is created from tested, proven, EPA registered liquid bird repellent. These fluids contain an FDA-approved active ingredient made from concentrated grape skin extract. This ingredient has been used as a food flavoring ingredient in bubble gum and candies for over 50 years. It’s safe for humans AND birds.

As you know, utility substations, transportation, aviation, food processing, and warehouse facilities are prone to pest birds inhabiting and destroying infrastructure. This causes health & safety concerns for both humans and birds. Finding a cost-effective commercial pest bird control solution that actually works can be challenging. BirdBuffer can help.

Effective in Most Commercial Settings

BirdBuffer offers a safe & effective way for facilities and Pest Control Operators to mitigate the issues created by pest birds.

There’s a reason why BirdBuffer is the leading choice among power companies, food processing, transportation, and warehouse facilities when it comes to invisible vapor-based bird control.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable experts apply scientific methods to your unique bird problems to achieve success. We establish the type of birds, their location, their habits, the issues they are causing, along with many other factors, to create a custom BirdBuffer solution for you.

How It Works

We solve your commercial pest bird control problem in 4 simple steps:



Our team of experts will create custom site guidance for your facility, showing you exactly what you need and how to use our system.



We’ll show you how to prepare the treatment area by cleaning bird droppings and debris, and use our pre-treatment solution to start the pest bird control process.



Using our easy-to-follow guidance, you’ll have your BirdBuffer machines up and running in under an hour.



Within 90 days you will see a dramatic reduction in birds and their droppings. Monthly maintenance on machines takes 10-15 minutes.

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